October 26, 2021 cmwd0

There are few roads lies towards Anuradhapura city from Colombo. Most commonly people use Colombo to Anuradhapura via Kurunagala and Dambulla road. If you travel via this road you will enter into Anuradhapura form Mathale junction at Anuradhapura. The Athyantha Resort is situated 1.6 km away from the Mathale junction.  If you travel via Colombo, Wariyapola and Padeniya road (Ella road) you will be reached out to other conner of Anuradhapura new city. Then you have to come across the city to reach Athyantha Resort. Also you can use Colombo to Puttalam and Anuradhapura road via Willpattu national park. Then again you have to travel across the city to reach out to Athyantha Resort.